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Newspaper from 2005 entitled, "Geauga boy makes movie". This inked the papers after Cole wrote, directed, and acted in his first film, Conquest Freedom, about a knight named Colagorn (played by Cole) who defends his village called Taragorn from an evil witch and her demons. Even at a young age Cole had grand ideas and wasn't afraid to accomplish them. 

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has chased his dreams since he was ten years old, after making his first film. Soon it was even featured in the News Herald titled, “Geauga Boy Makes Movie”. After this Cole knew the entertainment industry was the atmosphere he loved to work in. 

Cole grew up in small town Chardon, Ohio. Ever since his first film, he continued to make films and act. He acted on stage, in films, television, print, and performed improv in Ohio.  He knew that eventually he would leave that small town to pursue his dreams.

He is an honors graduate of Ringling College of Art & Design (in Sarasota, FL.), with a B.F.A. in Film. Cole has worked on a variety of productions, directing commercials, short films, music videos, documentaries, and features.

In life Cole has fun in everything he does. He has many dreams and encourages others to do what they love to do and help change the world. 

"The reason I love to act and make films is the feeling the audience gets that could possibly change their life forever” - Cole Kornell